Horizon asking those with flu-like symptoms to avoid visiting patients at MRH

March 13, 2017

Officials with the Horizon Health Network are asking people with flu-like symptoms to not visit patients at the Miramichi Regional Hospital.

"The Miramichi Regional Hospital is currently experiencing an increase in the number of flu cases. For your protection and the protection of inpatients at the hospital, Horizon Health Network advises anyone with flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, chills, body aches or nausea to refrain from visiting patients," a release from Horizon reads.
"If you must come to the hospital while experiencing any of these symptoms, Horizon strongly recommends you clean your hands with alcohol-based hand rinse and wear a mask to prevent further spreading the flu. Alcohol-based hand rinse and face-masks are available at all hospital and nursing unit entrances," the release continues. 

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