Fishermen upset with zone closure rules

June 12, 2018

Officials with the Maritime Fishermen's Union say lobster fishermen are frustrated with Ottawa after the federal fisheries minister rejected a propose to allow them to fish in shallow water, in areas closed to fishing because of the presence of North Atlantic right whales.

Union president Carl Allen says the decision to not allow fishing up to a depth of 18 metres makes no sense, because there have been no documented instances of right whales venturing into shallower waters in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

He went on to say that lobster fishermen could lose around 25 per cent of their income due to to fishery closures.

Meanwhile, New Brunswick fisheries minister Rick Doucet is calling on Ottawa to help fishermen make up for that lose revenue.

Ottawa announced yesterday that 10 more fishing zones will close effective Friday afternoon at four due to the presence of the whales.

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