The Giving Tree

A simple act of kindness for one has the power to inspire us all.

In that spirit, 95.9 Sun FM proudly presents The Giving Tree.

The Giving Tree will stand tall in our lobby. And its branches will be rich with the holiday gift wishes of residents from two of our local senior citizens homes.

Simply drop by the station and pick a wish off the tree.

Starting Nov. 27th, listen to Mornings with Paddy & Darcey and Afternoons with John for your chance to call in and fulfill a wish for a local senior.

We’ll ask you to purchase that gift and drop it off here at 95.9 Sun FM no later than Dec. 12 and you will be entered for a chance to win $500!

The Giving Tree – one small gift; one enormous reward.

Proudly sponsored by Pseudio, Newcastle Lions Club, Denim Wearhouse, Sykes Miramichi, White Lightning Auto Centre, Renauds Brand Source Furniture, Crackle and Teal, Napa Auto Parts and Adaptive Office Solutions.

Only from 95.9 Sun FM.


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