The 95.9 lbs Challenge

Introducing a new initiative from 95.9 Sun FM.

Team Kindness Miramichi

Throughout 2018 and beyond, we will be taking up specific causes, and working to raise awareness. We'll speak to community leaders and experts who are making a difference in the Miramichi region and in New Brunswick as a whole.


We start by tackling weight loss with The 95.9 lbs. Challenge.

From March 1st to April 30th, we will not only be providing you with information on weight loss and healthy living, but we will be leading by example.

The staff at 95.9 Sun FM have collectively agreed to lose a combined 95.9 lbs.

We will update you on our progress as we count down to April 30th.





2 22.6


1.2 10.7


1.8 23.2


1.6 13.1


2.4 11.8

 Total weight lost so far: 81.4 lbs

We invite you to join us by setting a weight loss goal between now and April 30th. You can sign-up using the form at the bottom of the page. Everyone who signs up will be invited to our campaign end celebration during the May 6th Alzheimer's Walk.

For the month of April, we will be drawing three Pitas Bowled, from Pita Pit Miramichi, each week.

Sign up below for your chance to win.



On March 2, Paddy & Darcey were joined by Treena Sutherland from the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy to discuss her journey to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.


 On March 9, Paddy & Darcey were Joined by Dr. Tiffany Keenan to discuss our 95.9 Lbs. Challenge.

On March 16, Kortney Patriquin joined Paddy & Darcey to discuss The 95.9 lbs. Challenge.

Hypnotist Jason Cyrus joined John to discuss The 95.9 lbs. Challenge.

  Yvon from Yvon's Health and Fitness joined Paddy & Darcey to discuss the 95.9 lbs. Challenge.

Rene Murphy from Mango joined Paddy & Darcey to discuss the 95.9 lbs. Challenge.



Here are a few hard facts.*

- Just 45.9 per cent of Miramichiers regularly get physical activity during free time (moderately active or active).

- Just 33.1 per cent of Miramichiers consume five or more fruits and vegetables per day.

- 34.6 per cent of Miramichiers have an unhealthy weight (NB average is 26.4 per cent).

- Hypertension (high blood pressure) is the most common chronic health condition in the Miramichi region with a prevalence of 31.9 per cent.

*Taken from the New Brunswick Health Council's Population Health Snapshot 2016.


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