Team Kindness Miramichi

Introducing a new initiative from 95.9 Sun FM.

Team Kindness Miramichi

Throughout 2018 and beyond, we will be taking up specific causes, and working to raise awareness. We'll speak to community leaders and experts who are making a difference in the Miramichi region and in New Brunswick as a whole.


This month, we want you to encourage you to take care of the planet. Small things make a big difference. 



1. Use less electricity

Saving electricity is good for the planet, and it saves money. 

Turn off lights when exiting a room, unplug devices when not in use, use a clothes line instead of the dryer, turn down the heat in rooms that are not being used, and turn off the AC when you are not home. 

When replacing items, look for ones that are certified energy efficient.


2. Drive less

Walk, bike, use public transit or carpool. It reduces gasoline use, and saves you money.


3. Use reusable shopping bags.

Each year, we use 2.86-billion plastic bags in Canada. That's 200 for every single Canadian and most end up in a landfill.

Taking reusable bags with you for shopping will help reduce this tremendous amount of waste.


4. Buy locally sources food

Our food travels a long way before landing on store shelves. Buying from local producers at farmers markets or stores that sell local produce means less travel time and it helps the local economy.


5. Ditch bottled water

Even though they can be recycled, less than 20 per cent of plastic water bottles actually end up being recycled. As a result, more than four billion pounds of plastic water bottles end up in landfills each year. 

Buy reusable water bottles and fill them up.


6. recycle, reuse and repurpose

Before throwing something out, see if it can be recycled. Check with the Miramichi Regional Service Commission for information on electronic recycle and see if you can reuse old containers, cartons and other items.


7. Use a reusable coffee cup

We all enjoy a morning cup of coffee, but a lot goes into making those paper cups that end up in the garbage. Get a reusable coffee cup instead. 



John Fletcher joined Paddy & Darcey to discuss his Fill The Net initiative. 

Paddy and Darcey were joined by Paula Noel from the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

 Paddy & Darcey were join by Hal Somers and Kevin Matthews to talk about Team Up 2 Clean Up. 

Paddy & Darcey were joined by Miramichi MLA Bill Fraser to discuss funding through the Environmental Trust Fund for several environmental projects in the Miramichi area. 

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